2016 Spring Training

This holds your spot at the Hawksview Cottages and Lodges in Fountain City, hosted by Category 6.
We have the Blackhawk and Osprey lodges reserved for Friday and Saturday night, April 1 and 2.
The lodges are located 2 miles north of Fountain City on Hwy 35.
If you can only stay one night, we can probably arrange for that. Let Dan Alms know.
For more information, see

Plan to arrive in Fountain City by 2pm to make the 3pm ride leaving from Brones Bike Shop.
We will get keys for the lodges after the ride (downtown Fountain City), so plan on leaving your stuff in your car at Brones on Friday afternoon.

The final price will be determined by the final head count, and will include a small food contribution for the shared meal on Friday night.
We will post a balance due product after the weekend.

Price: $0.00
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